A "feast" at Christian Estrosi's return to school


There are appointments that a estrosist can not afford to miss. Lou Festin Nissart is the first in the list. More pomp than the wishes of the mayor, more prestigious than the monthly meeting at the permanence. This Friday in the center of Nice, the Friends of the Mayor Christian Estrosi organize a dinner with the appearance of political return. "We exceeded 6,000 (guests) last year, indicates his cabinet. We manage the overflow. " For any activist, the "feast" is enticing: for 25 euros, he will be served the traditional menu Nice, socca ravioli. And as antipasti, a speech by Christian Estrosi. The guest-star of the dinner promises to do "Update on the national and local political situation", before embarking on a round of tables.

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Eating is just a pretext. It is the galvanization of the troops that is really on the menu. In six months, these Niçois will pass in the voting booth for municipal. It's a safe bet that they will find in the polling station two ballots of their political color: Christian Estrosi and Eric Ciotti. A time allies, the two strong men of the Riviera right have become the best enemies. They may well face each other, even if none of them is yet officially a candidate. In the meantime, they are torn by speeches and tweets interposed.


"Eric Ciotti made a choice, said Pierre-Paul Leonelli, president of the Association of Friends of the Mayor. He has always been invited. But I think that this year's invitation would have been a snub. " Earlier in the day, Christian Estrosi will gather members of his movement The bold France, a Macron-compatible right that tries to find its place at six months of municipal. "We are in the time of managing our city, to have a direct relationship with those who support us, insists Pierre-Paul Leonelli. Municipals will come after, even if Christian Estrosi will perhaps make a hint. "

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Eric Ciotti has nothing to envy to Christian Estrosi. He has already organized his evening. It was mid-July in a nice castle, in smaller committee. It remains to be seen if some support of the right nicoise were not invited to both parties. And will be hard to know for which host to choose when the time comes to vote.

Correspondent Mathilde Frénois in Nice

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