"A favorable track for Ferrari but beware of Mercedes"


Three questions to Gaëtan: "A layout favorable to Ferrari but beware of Mercedes" – © All rights reserved

This Friday, we had the first two free practice sessions at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Not enough to draw trends, but rather some lessons as the good performance of Ferrari, which have each time achieved the double today.

For Gaëtan Vigneron, "The Ferrari are good. A bit like Monza, their engine power will help them. We had a double doubled VettelLeclercit is therefore a good omen. The question will be to see if, tomorrow, the Mercedes will be able to release the horses because when it is the case, generally, they are there. Even if today everything was not perfect especially in the head ofHamilton, who had some problems. The Red Bul, they were a bit back. It must be said that this is not their favorite track. "

Another big question this morning, related to the news of recent days; how was going to behave Pierre Gasly in his first laps after his dismissal from Red Bull? Obviously, the French accuses the blow. "According to his parents, he had a huge shock when he heard the news because it was not the talk that the Red Bull team had given him, but he has pulled himself together and is ready to take advantage He's very familiar with Toro Rosso, since that's where he started, he needs a little time, but I think he'll be back soon enough.Albon, his replacement at Red Bull, is not bad even if he rolls without pressure given the penalty incurred because of the new engine.

Finally, tomorrow, place the real fight with the third session of free practice and especially the qualifications, which will take place in a real furnace. "I think it will be super tight, it will be even hotter, however, we announce a fall in temperatures for Sunday, which means that the verdict of tomorrow may not be the one after tomorrow. for us and all the better for the show! "

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