A famous challenge for the Standard in the Europa League: "We will rub at the top"



Emond and Preud'homme know the magnitude of the challenge that awaits them.
The clamor reached the room where the journalists were waiting for the press conference. By the time Standard was poured into the Arsenal and Frankfurt group, the players, gathered in front of a TV, jumped for joy when they saw the posters that were offered to them.

"We want to compete with big teams, that's why we play the European Cup"said Renaud Emond. "We will be able to judge ourselves in relation to these clubs, but it is clear that this is a very strong group."

Michel Preud'homme also enjoyed seeing Monegasque balls come out. Even if he is aware of the magnitude of the challenge. "They are sexy opponents and it will be difficult, of course, but it's never easy in Europe as a Belgian club", emphasizes the T1 Liège. "It's always fun to play against names like Arsenal and Frankfurt, and with the exception of Ghent maybe all the Belgian clubs have really good opponents and will be able to rub on top. we are going to Europe. "

To face big names but also less known teams, like Guimaraes. "But I know Portuguese football, which is very difficult to play", says MPH. "This is one of the good, and important, clubs in the Portuguese Liga, and when I was there they were in the top 4-5 each time, there is a culture and a past in this club. different types of football and it's also interesting for a coach at the analysis level. "

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