A dozen suspicious deaths in a hospital for veterans


US authorities are investigating a dozen suspicious deaths in a hospital for former military. – SCOTT OLSON / GETTY PICTURES NORTH AMERICA / AFP

An investigation was opened after the suspicious deaths of a dozen people in a hospital
American military veterans, said the Department of Veterans Affairs, this Friday. Two deaths were also reclassified as homicides after autopsies revealed unexplained insulin bites.

US authorities are investigating "possible wrongdoing resulting in the deaths of patients at the Louis A. Johnson Medical Center in Clarksburg, West Virginia," said the Inspector General of the Department of Veterans Affairs in a statement.

Very low blood sugar levels in eight patients with no medical reason

"It seems that they have been the victims of a crime," Veterans Secretary Robert Wilkie said on Fox News hoping for the quick conclusion of the investigation.

According to local Senator Joe Manchin, investigations began in July 2018 after doctors reported very low blood sugar in eight patients with no medical reason. They focus on someone who is no longer in contact with patients in the hospital.

Unexplained insulin injections

Autopsies were conducted last winter on at least two patients who died one day apart in April 2018. They revealed that the two octogenarians had succumbed to insulin injections they did not need and their deaths have been requalified as homicides, according to local media.

Insulin, which is needed to treat diabetes, is dangerous for people who are not affected by this disease because it lowers blood glucose levels and can lead to coma and even death.

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