5 000 lifeguards are missing in France


Summers are getting hotter and the beaches are crowded. Can we still swim in peace? On a beach in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), as in many others, there are only two lifeguards to watch bathers in August. Some people worry: "They are only two for everyone, it's not enough", rebels a woman who enjoys the sun on the beach.

The shortage of lifeguards in France is substantial. 5,000 professionals are missing according to their national union. Léo Vérac saw his first summer as lifeguard. A seasonal job that he chose for passion. But for him, the lack of enthusiasm for this profession can be explained by many reasons: "The remuneration we are going to say, the fact that you always have to be vigilant, that you have to respect a certain number of hours a day without always being on your phone, for example, there are certain young people who could be demotivated, nothing than to hear these instructions ", testifies the master rescuer.

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