40th Anniversary of the Canadian Parents for French Association


"Our greatest accomplishment has been the high level of parental involvement," which has allowed for the organization of several activities over the years, says association vice president Janet Loseth.

One of the projects she is most proud of is the public speaking contest where students in the French immersion class have to make a public speech.

It's really encouraging to see young people at work, in connection with our work.

Janet Loseth, Vice President of Canadian Parents for French in Saskatchewan

Mariève Émard, who teaches Grade 7 and 8 students at Cardinal-Léger Immersion School in Saskatoon, says that the kids in her class participate in the contest every year.

Give the taste to speak French

According to data from Statistics Canada's last census, only 5% of the population, just over 50,000 people, had a knowledge of French in Saskatchewan.

In comparison, 265,000 Albertans out of a population of 4.3 million say they speak French fluently.

Despite everything, Mariève Émard remains optimistic.

"I hope every year (this number) will grow," she says.

To make her students want to continue to speak French outside her class, she invites them to "identify with the Francophone culture".

For example, it allows students to listen to music or watch videos in French during class.

The teacher also recommends contacting Fransaskois associations to discover their activities and take part in them.

Mariève Émard wants to show students that it is possible to lead a life in French, "even in a predominantly English-speaking city".

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