2019 is a rotten year to the end


Accused of uttering death threats against his ex, DeMarcus Cousins ​​is now the subject of a complaint and an arrest warrant has been issued against him in Alabama. That's not how we imagined the year for Boogie.

Since his terrible Achilles tendon injury in January 2018, DeMarcus Cousins ​​has been in trouble. Arrived at Golden State for the mid-level exceptionhe was receiving a wave of criticism from fans who considered the signature unfair to the rest of the league. Finally, this season with the Warriors did not go as well as expected. Victim of a tear in the left quadriceps during his second career Playoffs game, he saw the rest of the postseason campaign on the bench before returning to the Finals where he seemed out of shape and could do nothing to avoid the defeat of the defending champions against the Raptors. Without giving much more guarantees on his state of form and still without a ring, Boogie decided to join the Lakers for $ 3.5 million over one year. An ideal situation to revive his career and try to get a title alongside the King? Patatras, cruciate ligaments say shit and he finds himself in the infirmary for many months without guarantee of being able to one day find his best level. But if it was only sportsman could still believe in a renewal when the wounds will leave him alone. Well, it will not be for now, but Boogie has even more urgent problems to settle because a warrant of arrest has just been issued against him for the crime of domestic violence following accusations of death threats from his former companion according to a Mobile Police spokesperson who spoke at USA Today Sports.

In an argument with Christy West, DeMarcus Cousins ​​would not have agreed to prevent their seven-year-old son from attending his wedding with another woman in Atlanta last weekend. An audio recording of a man threatening to put a bullet in the young woman's head was reportedly issued to the police, and research is under way to determine whether it is the voice of the fifth choice of the 2005 Draft. The latter has refused to make any comment on the subject but the NBA and the Lakers have already announced to open a joint investigation to determine if sanctions are to be given to the pivot. After all his sporting difficulties, DMC did not need that to see his end of career darken.

Considered by many to be the best center in the league before going to hell, DeMarcus Cousins ​​looks far from a triumphal return to the floor to dominate all his opponents to turn 25 points and 15 rebounds average. At 29, we can not regret that his bonus is condemned to take place between the police stations and the infirmary.

Text source: USA Today

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