2% GDP growth quarterly


US growth came out in line with market expectations, for its second estimate (in three) of the second quarter of 2019. The increase is therefore 2% annualized, against an initial estimate of 2.1%. Real consumer spending is even stronger than expected, with growth showing growth of + 4.7% vs. + 4.3% consensus. The price index linked to GDP climbed at a rate of + 2.1%, against + 2.4% of market consensus.

The balance of the international commercial property for the month of July 2019 has also been unveiled, and shows a deficit of -72.3 billion dollars against -74.4 billion dollars of consensus.

Finally, the weekly jobless claims in the US for the week ended August 24 came out at 215,000, against 213,000 consensus and 211,000 for the revised reading of the previous week.

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