1,600 km in one charge: this electric car promises


The Aptera was launched in 2005, but could not really get underway for lack of a loan having been slow to point the tip of his nose. Here she is back now, she who promises 1,600 km of autonomy in one charge.

The problem of electric cars? For most users, autonomy is simply the nerve of war. No electric car can really compete with a thermal car when it comes to eating miles to no end.

But this is not necessarily an end in itself. A few years ago, the Aptera's ambition was to focus on this mission: to have the best autonomy that an electric car can have. In the absence of a US government loan that did not see the light of day, the project had to be buried. From now on, it resurfaces.

The Aptera returns with its 1,600 km of autonomy

And his promise is more than interesting: to provide an electric vehicle capable of a range of 1,600 km on a single charge, in its most luxurious model of course. The Aptera is back, on WeFunder now.

To succeed in offering this autonomy, it is based on several elements. First of all, the car itself (equipped with three wheels) is a simple two-seater and does not have a very large cockpit. For good reason: its amazing design, which is actually optimized for penetration into the air to consume the least amount of energy, allowing this record autonomy.

Thanks to the evolution of the market from 2005 to today, it is moreover more affordable now. Count between 31 000 and 53 000 euros depending on the type of battery wanted (40 kWh to 100 kWh) to recover the futuristic gear.

The Aptera, however, does not have the autonomy for it. Thanks to its design made of aeronautical resin, the vehicle is also more resistant than a conventional car. However, we do not know its top speed or acceleration.

The Aptera crowdfunding campaign has already begun and reached $ 48,138 raised by 61 investors at the time of writing. It will need to acquire at least $ 100,000 to be validated over the next few days.

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