16-month-old girl kidnapped in Alsace: parents arrested in Romania


Parents of a 16-month-old girl her Romanian mother had subtracted mid-August from a nursery Logelbach-Wintzenheim (Haut-Rhin), where the child was placed, before fleeing, were arrested in Romania, we learned Friday at the prosecutor's office in Colmar.

The two people suspected of the kidnapping were arrested Thursday in the region of Timisoara, said the prosecutor of the Republic in Colmar, Catherine Sorita-Minard, confirming information of the Latest news of Alsace.

"This is the mother of the child and the man is in the process of recognizing the child.This is probably the father," said Sorita-Minard. "The couple will be handed over to the French authorities and the situation of the child will be taken into account in a parallel way ".

On 9 August, during a visit to the nursery where the girl was placed in an educational assistance procedure, her mother took her and fled in a car driven by a child. man.

"Child deficient in education"

A European arrest warrant had been issued but the "abduction alert" procedure was not triggered, the prosecution considered that it was "not adapted to the situation".

To initiate this procedure, it is necessary that the facts of kidnapping of a minor are proven and that the life or the physical integrity of the victim is threatened.

"We are in a problem of child deficient in education. These are cases of children being used for begging "said Sorita-Minard.

The two persons arrested incur 3 and 5 years in prison for the removal of a minor by ascendancy or by a third party.

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