12th African Games 2019: Morocco bends under the blows of Nigeria and Algeria


Morocco suffers and is struggling in the final stretch of the 12th African Games (Rabat 2019) in the medal standings. And for good reason, he has been overtaken by Nigeria author of a stunning finish.

He lost the fact and two medals of the most beautiful colors, the last step of the podium for the benefit of Nigerians who are as comfortable in the Athletics events on the track, sand and greenery of the Moulay Abdallah Complex that does not Egyptians and South Africans were in the waters of the basin of the covered hall of Complex Mohammed V. But let it be said, Nigeria does not have only its bibs of athletes to illustrate itself. Other sports and their events are just as much of their prerogative and a rage to win that they want.

Morocco in its misfortune, is joined by Algeria that it exceeds more than a silver, our neighbors quantitatively ahead of us and clearly in the number of charms amassed, 91 for 79. And this n is not everything, Tunisia that we thought was dropped slowly and surely back to two gold medals. In the general classification, Egypt dominates insolently these games of its 171 medals, including about sixty precious metal, in front of South Africa which manages to maintain its position as dolphin.

This situation in no way obscures the results of the tenth day of our nationals as the gold medal of the swordsman Houssam El Kord, more than deserved bronze of our footballers (U20) who won (2-1) at of the ranking match that opposed them to the Fennecs. Deserved in this sense where they are young, their average age does not exceed 17 years and especially that they have like the men (eliminated without glory in the preliminaries) of the same means neither infrastructural nor other (female competition young people, etc.). Accessits grappled here and there (800 m H, gymnastics, kayak) were not enough to keep third place in Morocco.

Athletics on which we expected to have greatly disappointed, we can still hope some charms of the most beautiful metal tennis and boxing sports success for our young. But, even if it were, these prowess could prove insufficient to restore the blazon tarnished by the results of our athletes in the true sense of the term. The Kingdom will ultimately have excelled only in combat sports (taekwondo, karate, a little less wrestling and perhaps boxing).


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