$ 126 million investment in Bagotville


The infrastructure will include classrooms and administrative offices. An area of ​​23,800 square meters will be used for storage and maintenance of equipment.

The project will allow the Royal Canadian Air Force to refine deployments and missions abroad. In particular, the military will be able to prepare their equipment more efficiently.

Inadequate buildings

For several years, the military has been crammed into inadequate premises.

Trailer trailers were used to make temporary premises. The groups were scattered in several buildings, so it was not ideal for communication inside 2 Wing, illustrates the commander Luc Girouard.

Several stakeholders in the economic community believe that this announcement will have positive spin-offs for the region given the size of the planned site.

A project of 126 million, there is no doubt that there will be local businesses that will benefit. In addition, the Bagotville military base will be able to offer better services to its workersbelieves the federal Liberal MP in Lac-Saint-Jean, Richard Hébert.

Work should begin in 2022.

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