10 years in prison for a serial sexual aggressor who has been raging since 2011


A serial sexual assaulter who attacked a woman in the middle of the night eight years ago and who was finally pinned last November was sentenced to 10 years in prison, putting an end to years of anguish for his three victims.

It was a long investigation by the Quebec City police that was finally completed when Charles Sylvain-Trépanier pleaded guilty on Friday. It was a cold case that the SPVQ has tried to resolve with a lot of effort in recent years.

On July 11, 2011, Trépanier first went to a residence in Cap-Rouge to commit theft. A cell phone and a passport were stolen. However, having observed the photo of the passport, he decided three weeks later to return to the scene in order to commit a sexual assault.

The accused entered a back window of the residence in the middle of the night, went to the room of his sleeping victim and placed a hand on his mouth while lying on her. The victim, however, took advantage of a moment of inattention of his attacker to get out of bed and scream through the window of his room.

Trépanier, seized, had immediately left the house, leaving behind however a mask that he had used to avoid being recognized.

Two years later

The 41-year-old man re-offended two years later in Sillery, breaking into another residence at night in the middle of the night. The accused argued that his purpose was first to steal, but assaults took place against a 92-year-old woman in his room.

Trépanier had touched the lady's breasts and belly before she woke up. The attacker had left the scene, this time leaving a scarf. The third assault occurred in similar circumstances in July 2017 in the Maizerets sector.

He had asked a 74-year-old lady he had brought in at night if he could touch her breasts. She had told him, "I do not even have breasts." He had left the place a few minutes later.

At this point, the accused had this time left a cap. DNA from this cap had allowed this case to be attached to the other two. The Quebec police had found Trépanier in Saint-Hyacinthe in November 2018. The circumstances of the arrest had not been specified.

"I will not hide behind justifications," read the accused briefly, saying "shame" and be "really sorry" before adding: "I beg your pardon." Sylvain-Trépanier appeared before the judge with a serious injury under the left eye.

A sentence of 10 years of penitentiary was imposed. The 2011 victim was present during the proceedings, but quickly left after the sentencing. The two elderly women are today in a precarious state of health, said the prosecutor Mélanie Dufour.

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